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Posting Guidelines

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If our forum members follow these simple guidelines, our moderators will have nothing to do :D

This is the Mirror Lake (NH) forum.

Only post messages, pictures and comments that are directly related to Mirror Lake and Lakes Region topics and activities. Please avoid discussions related to sports, religious views or practices, politics or idle chit-chat.

Use Public Media (such as Newspapers) as Standards for content.

The tone and content of your message should meet the same general standards required of a newspaper column or "Letter to the Editor". Before you submit your message, ask yourself if it would be accepted by the editor of a newspaper or magazine.


Obscene, inappropriate, irrelevant, or photos containing advertisements will be deleted. Your forum privileges may also be revoked by the moderators, depending on the particular situation.

Be Polite

Always show courtesy and respect, even when you strongly disagree with another person.

Have Something to Say

This is not a chat-room. Not all messages must be momentous but we prefer messages which actually contribute something. Try not to post one-liners or "chat-room" like replies.

Don't Flood

Don't post excessive numbers of messages or comments. Posting more than a few messages or comments in a day is excessive and may get you moderated or restricted.

Stay on Topic

When replying to another message, try to stay with the topic of the thread. Open a new thread if you want to change the topic.

Check Your Spelling

Good spelling and grammar are important. Please use a spell checker and reread your message before and after posting.

Don't Post Nonsense

We can't define it here but we know it when we see it.

Don't push an Agenda

If you are here to conduct a crusade or push an agenda, your are likely to bump into forum rules enforcement action by the forum moderators. Members are expected to participate in a friendly and helpful way and to respect everyone's views and opinions.
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