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Forum Purpose

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The Mirror Lake Forum is provided as a free service to anyone interested in Mirror Lake (the lake is located in Wolfeboro / Tuftonboro, New Hampshire) and the general region around the Lake. This is not a free-for-all forum like some other message boards. This forum is open to everyone and we encourage your participation, however we insist that posts are relevant to Mirror Lake (New Hampshire) and the region surrounding the Lake, and that members do not violate the rules & guidelines.

The goal, mission and purpose of the Mirror Lake Forum is:

"To facilitate communication and an exchange of information which is productive and beneficial for those interested in Mirror Lake and the general Region around the Lake."

To achieve these goals, we watch carefully what is posted and we reserve the right to moderate, restrict, edit or delete messages for any reason. We will use our judgement to moderate these forums in the way we feel is most appropriate to facilitate our stated goal. By using these forums, you agree to abide by these conditions and accept our moderation decisions. The moderators decisions in all matters concerning this forum and any sub-forums are final and absolute. Our hope is that the community is mature, intelligent and that people will conduct themselves in a civil and respectful manner.

Our desire is that the Mirror Lake Forum will provide a friendly, encouraging and entertaining environment for the enjoyment of anyone interested in Mirror Lake. Enjoy !
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